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Undoubtedly, about everyone has one or more use of storage spaces. However, it is often used to keep important files, documents, videos, images, etc.

Storage spaces have known to have several positive impacts on both commercial and personal use, and, as such, it is paramount to make use of a service, which allows you to keep your data and access them whenever and wherever you need them.

Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for you, as there are several file hosting providers ranging from good to excellent that can help you out. And, one of the best file hosting providers today is Takefile.link.

Let’s take a look and see if they meet up with what’s expected of them.
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What is Takefile.link?


TakeFile.link is one of the file hosting providers available today, which is capable of providing a remote backup capacity, otherwise known as online storage. This provider seems to be garnering the people’s attention with its highly-sophisticated downloading and uploading tools. They make it easy to host a full spectrum of data types, ranging from videos, images, audio, flash and so on. With Takefile.link, you can access your stored files from anywhere in the world.

TakeFile.link Review — Advanced Features

TakeFile.link is a cloud storage provider, offering data storage in a remote file center. This feature helps users free up more space on their computers’ hard drives by expanding into virtual cloud storage / virtual space.

It provides users with the opportunity to save any type of data on the internet, such as spreadsheets, word documents, videos, excel, music, images, and many more. On top of that, you don’t need to bother about the size of the files you want to store, and there is a great chance, that it would not pose any problem at all.

TakeFile.link offers much more than remote file hosting; you can equally take advantage of other options provided such as file synchronization and file sharing.

Its advanced feature, file synchronization, is responsible for automatically distributing the stored files on a certain device to another. That means irrespective of the device; you will be able to find your stored video, document, images, etc.

Also, it permits sharing of your stored files among your friends and family members with ease. You don’t need to be close with them, as it allows remote sharing.

Why Should you give Takefile.link a Try

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reason why anyone should consider giving Takefile.link a trial.

100% Reliable

This reason is very imperative, as you don’t want to be unable to access your file when you most need to. Takefile.link promises that irrespective of the time you need to get a hold of any of your stored files, you will always be able to access them. They offer a 24/7 uptime without go off at any point in the day.

100% Safe

This provider offers a 100% safety guaranteed. They claim to provide the highest protection levels and ensure your files are safe and protected. Furthermore, they purport that your data are secured and no worries about losing your documents, pictures, videos, etc.


It ensures wherever you are, you can easily access your files via a mobile phone, tablet, PC or any device with internet connection.

Use Anytime

As mentioned earlier, Takefile.link is reliable storage allowing users to have all time access to their stored files whenever you need. It doesn’t matter when or where you want to access your files, you can always do, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Payment Methods

It comes with a variety of payment methods, so whatever you decide to use for the payment process of Takefile.link, you can do that without stress. There are options for PayPal, Bank account and many others.

Satisfaction Guarantee

They offer a prompt, full refund of your money if you find it hard or can’t use the service due to the inaccessibility. All you have to do is file a request for a refund, which is meet within 24-72 hours after verifying your demands.

What Takefile.link Premium Account Offers

Download type:FreePremium
Download speed:50 kb/sUnlimited
Maximum number of simultaneous downloads:1Unlimited
Download volume1 file per one day65Gb every 2 days
Direct/hot download link:Not availableAvailable
Downloads start immediately:Not availableAvailable
No downloads captcha:Available
Support for resumed downloads:Not availableAvailable
Support for download managers:Not availableAvailable
No Advertisements:Not availableAvailable

Upgrading to a premium account, you stand to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Enjoy the Unlimited downloading speed without limitation, which ensures your large files are downloaded in a short time.
  2. Premium users to have to sit and watch those annoying ads every time you want to upload or download files on the website.
  3. For premium accounts, you can easily resume your interrupted downloads, instead of starting all over like the basic account.
  4. Also, you can download about 8 files at the same time rather than the unnecessary delay because you are downloading these files one after the other.
  5. With premium account you don’t have to wait for several seconds before you can go ahead to download your files.

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What Speed Will You Enjoy with a Premium Account

For premium accounts, you will enjoy a download speed as high as 100 Mbit/sec. This speed depends on your downloading channel. In certain instances, if your service fails to recognize your account, it is suggested that you ensure that your browser permits cookies.

Also, it is recommended that any software you will be using to access your files should not block any of these. Nevertheless, for those who purchased the premium key from one of the resellers, activation of your account to premium can be done by inputting the premium key in the account page.

For those who deal with larger files, it is advisable to upgrade your account to enjoy a pretty decent speed. With a premium subscription, you get to enjoy an unlimited download speed.


PlanPriceDownload limits
30 Premium days$19.951000 GB
60 Premium days$29.952000 GB
90 Premium days$39.953000 GB
365 Premium days$99.9512 000 GB


How to Upgrade your Premium Account

Getting a premium account feature a simple process. All you have to do is go to the “premium” page and chooses the preferred method of payment. As said, it comes with a wide variety of payments options — PayPal, bank transfer, credit card and many more.

  • VISA
  • Mastercards
  • Bitcoin
  • Paysera
  • GiroPay
  • SafetyPay
  • TrustPay
  • Internet Banking for European countries
  • OneCard
  • DotPay
  • And more

TakeFile.link Review — Final Verdict

Clearly, this cloud storage intends to provide you with a chance to free up more space on your hard drive and enjoy unlimited space storage. Without a doubt, it provides lots of features to help ensure users get the best from this provider. Takefile.link offers 24/7 uptime and high level of security to your important files. So, if you are looking to try out a file hosting provider, then take advantage of Takefile.link premium account.

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1. Which Is TakeFile.link?

Being a file hosting provider, the best way to describe TakeFile is that it’s a form of file sharing service where users will be able to download and upload files wherever they are as long as there’s an Internet connection. It’s very safe to use, and you’ll have the piece of mind that your data is well protected.

2. How TakeFile Ensures Data Security

Rest assured that your files are safe and secured once uploaded in TakeFile.link. They are known for their secure connection that prevents data theft and unauthorized sharing. Basically, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all.

3. Is There a Waiting Time?

If you’re using a free account, you’ll have to wait for 30 seconds to be able to download a file, no matter what size it may be. However, if you have a premium account, then you wouldn’t have to worry about any waiting time as you can download almost instantly. Not just that. No advertisements either!

4. How Long Are the Data Stored on the Server

This would vary on the type of membership you have. For example, with free accounts, you’re only allowed to store your files for up to 30 days. On the other hand, with a premium account, you’ll be able to keep it for a longer time.

5. Should I Really Get a Premium Account?

There’s definitely a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a premium account, and the majority of these are discussed in their homepage. For one, with a premium account, you wouldn’t have to worry about any limitations at all. You’ll be able to enjoy maximum speed, and even keep files as big as 10GB in size. Contents can be stored in the server for as long as necessary. Likewise, you could also consider working at several files all at ones, and it’s entirely possible.

6. Can I Download Other People’s Files?

This is possible– granted that the uploader has given you permission and that would be through a direct link. Basically, by having the link to the file you are planning to download, you’ll be able to do so. Wherein, if you don’t have the link, then you wouldn’t be able to download the file.

7. Can I Switch to a Premium Account Later on?

If you’re using a free account, and you have decided to upgrade to a premium one, then it can be done. Once you have settled your payment, the restrictions you have on your free account would be lifted.

8. Can I Resume Broken Downloads?

In such a case that you have accidentally lost your connection in the middle of downloading a file, you have nothing to worry about if you are a premium user. On the other hand, if you’re just using the program for free, then you’ll have to start all over again.

9. What Are the Payment Methods?

Takefile.link offers various payment methods for you to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin.

10. Can You Store Big Files?

Free account holders could store files even up to 10GB in size. With a premium account, the storage limit is bigger.

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